Voltron dev wins $150,000 in Universal GameDev Challenge

widely wide-spread video games and cohesion technologies announced the winner from the general GameDev project: Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion, a prototype constructed by Gbanga, a Zurich-primarily based recreation studio.

The prevalent GameDev challenge (which Intel and Microsoft subsidized) invited builders to layout a laptop sport that leveraged considered one of 5 Standard-owned iconic brands: back to the future, Jaws, Battlestar Galactica, Voltron: legendary Defender, and Turok. The agencies decided on the winner from almost 550 submissions global. Gbanga received $150,000 and a year-long consulting contract with conventional for taking pictures the grand prize.

In Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion, players duel every different in actual time. the usage of the cube superweapon from Voltron: legendary Defender, Gbanga imagined a world in which the villain Zarkon finds a manner to mass-produce more cubes, and of their story, smaller cubes with one-of-a-kind attack and protection capabilities formed the basis for an ancient Olkari board game.

I was one of the judges, and demo’s nice impressed me. I’m now not a Voltron fan, but after a few minutes, I understood how to play the 2d sport. Judges decided on Voltron: Cubes of Clarion based on its immediate playability of the game prototype, its ability for growth into a business product, and maximum crucial, the number of fun judges had at the same time as gambling it.

“We’ve been creating gaming stories on an extensive variety of systems for extra than a decade,” stated Andreas Halter, sports producer at Gbanga, in a statement. “but we’ve always been constrained to designing games around our personal IP. With the common GameDev undertaking, we relished the opportunity to work with a blockbuster franchise. We’re all massive fans of Voltron: legendary Defender, and having the possibility to pour our love for this series into an interesting new sports task is a dream come genuine. We’re extraordinarily thankful for familiar and cohesion for the possibility.”

similarly to the grand prize winner, we picked 5 additional runners-up: Mick Heijkens (Backpack to the destiny), Tom Breuer (lower back to the destiny IV – Time Anomalies), Alexander Ferguson (Turok: Legacy of Stone), Max Snyder (Turok: break out from lost Valley), and From the destiny (Battlestar Galactica Deception). each receives $20,000 in prizes.

“It’s all approximately rapid-thinking and quick selection-making. gamers face every other on battlefields across the galaxy. each player ought to shield their very own base at the same time as attacking their opponent,” Halter said in an e-mail. “The titular Cubes of Olkarion offer each offensive competencies — which includes firing an effective frost beam — in addition to protecting characteristics, and ought to be organized in strategic patterns to outsmart the enemy. No suits are ever the same. There’s no winning method – players have to continuously try and expect their opponent’s moves and adapt their plans on the fly with a view to winning.”

All six winning groups participated in a mentorship program in Los Angles, wherein each team obtained assignment steerage from industry experts hailing from general, cohesion technology, Intel, and Microsoft, at the side of opposition judges, together with again to the destiny co-writer, co-writer and co-manufacturer Bob Gale, and Voltron: mythical Defender showrunner and Dreamworks tv co-govt producer Lauren Montgomery.

All six triumphing sports prototypes are playable at the Made With unity sales space at Unite Los Angeles from October 23 to October 25.

Gbanga consists of the subsequent team members: sport design lead Robin Bornschein; art director Yury Schicker; manufacturer Andreas Halter; best supervisor Ramona Ent; animation fashion designer Manuela Seiler; AI programmer Alex Steinacher; gadget engineer Marc Steiner; programmers Benjamin Klingler, Jonas Krucher, and Kevin Biehler; programmer intern Federico Mantovani; testers Valeria Glauser and Ascan Helfer; writer and government producer Robbert van Rooden; and executive manufacturer Matthias Sala.