Top 8 New Car Racing Games for Android

Car Racing Games

Boys love their toys and there’s one thing regarding auto racing games that gets all the boys stay awake and find excited. The neurotransmitter rush, the smell of burning rubber, the soft purring of the engine waiting to roar; it all adds up to satisfy our want for speed.

I still keep in mind staying awake all night, enjoying Road Rash and Mario Kart back in my childhood. Now, you’ll principally realize ME symptom my time enjoying Asphalt eight and Riptide GP2. Each nice games however there square measure more that athletics game buffs can love … let’s begin with the list.


Asphalt series has been a runaway success from Gameloft, one in every of the foremost no-hit auto racing games for mechanical man. Their last instalment, Airborne, brought death defying aerial stunts victimization recurvate ramps with variety of recent tracks and cars to settle on from.

The game is unengaged to transfer and comes with in-app purchases. With over a hundred ninety cars and bikes, 2000 decals, and forty tracks, Asphalt mobile had my pulse athletics in no time.

The graphics square measure cool and Gameloft has paid tons of attention to detail once it involves recreating the automotive specs and race tracks.

Free Download Asphalt 8: Airborne



Love off-roading? Riding high on the success of the Asphalt series, Gameloft set to treat US fans with associate cross-country version of Xtreme Rally athletics. Dirt, rocks, sweat, and mean SUVs is that the name of the sport here.

There square measure monster trucks, ridge buggies, pickup trucks, and muscle cars to satisfy your thirst for kicking some mud. Like Asphalt eight, there square measure massive brands concerned like Merc, Ford, Chevy, et al. here. you’ll play with friends in multiplayer mode.

Another free game with in-app purchases which can provide a distinct quite a athletics expertise to the mechanical man athletics game enthusiast.

Free Download Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing


Remember the device cars that you just wont to drive around all day, annoying the hell out of your parents? Home Alone series anyone? Well, they’re back within the variety of mini Motor athletics. These little very little cars square measure most fun to drive around.

The visuals square measure beautiful and delightful to seem at, the cars may be made-to-order endlessly, and you’ll like to play it with friends.

The app can value you $2.99 however it’s well definitely worth the value and also the cars square measure tons of fun to bash around.

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If you thought Asphalt eight had superb graphics, Real athletics can leave your jaws hanging wide open. Everything regarding this game, from its tracks and placement to its cars and their performance, is as realistic because it gets.

With over one hundred cars and 2000 events, the auto racing app can give you a style of what it looks like to race in real locations. you’ll notice there square measure rules like corner cutting penalty in situ too, a bit like within the planet.

Free Download REAL RACING 3


There is one thing regarding 8-bit games that merely clicks. Flappy Bird still brings back fond reminiscences of frustration. Damn, that game was onerous. Anyways, Road Fighter brought back fond reminiscences of ME fighting with my brother for the remote control!

The gameplay is itself extremely straightforward with no career modes, cars, and customizations to settle on from. you merely launch the auto racing app on mechanical man, hit the beginning button, and start angularity zagging in and out of these acquainted cars and road obstacles.

The app is free with no thanks to take away ads that could be a very little annoying as a result of there square measure additional ads than it ought to be.

Free Download ROAD FIGHTER


I think Temple Run brought the endless gameplay conception to the forefront of the gambling scene. You know, wherever you start running, or athletics during this case, and still do thus till you die or crash yourself into one thing.

Hill Climb athletics a pair of could be a fun very little game that’s straightforward to start with. There area unit a restricted range of cars and tracks to decide on from. Your mission, if you decide on to simply accept it, is to beat your own previous record high. begin your automotive and hit the road.

You can amendment cars supported tracks and upgrade them to enhance your survival rate. Another free athletics app to pay some time once you area unit anticipating your friend to point out up. it’s superb however straightforward games like these will be thus addictive .

Free Download Hill Climb Racing 2


Beach Buggy is Associate in Nursing cross-country kart athletics game wherever you may end up driving beach dunes, satellite rovers, and monster trucks in deserts, forests, and Mars! i assume, Elon Musk won’t be the primary one to colonize it on balance.


Free Download Beach Buggy Racing


For the longest time, NFS has been the torch bearer of racing games such a lot so they even created a film on that. Pity, it had been a dud.

NFS favored created the list as a result of it comes with a story mode. unnecessary to mention, the graphics area unit superb and there area unit some world category cars to drive around and apply mods on.

The story goes like this: you’re a young enthusiast WHO desires to form a reputation for himself/herself within the underworld of street athletics. As you climb up the ladder, the personnel gets hot on your tail.

NFS favored, one among the simplest athletics games for robot, can value you $4.99 with in-app purchases.

Free Download Need for Speed™ Most Wanted


Ever since the wheel was initial discovered within the early Bronze Age, human race has been attempting to push the bounds of speed. whereas not everybody will afford a true roadster, it’s still potential to induce Associate in Nursing epinephrine rush by driving round the cars of your dreams on your robot smartphones. Let the games begin.