God of War creator David Jaffe says he wants to make a VR horror game

earlier this week on his live stream talk show, God of conflict and Twisted steel creator David Jaffe obtained a smartphone call from Cory Barlog, the director and writer for the most latest God of struggle recreation that released this year on ps 4. in the course of the chat [warning: language is extremely NSFW –Ed.], they discussed the collection, God of struggle’s overwhelmingly effective reception, and their futures.

near the quiet of the element-interview part-casual communication, they begin to speak me approximately VR, in general, targeted on PSVR at the beginning. particularly, Jaffe (a huge fan of VR) desires to know if Barlog goes to paintings on a VR recreation.

“I don’t know, who knows what the destiny holds on that one,” Barlog says. “I nonetheless have now not gotten to some extent in which I don’t get nauseated after about 25 mins in VR. … I performed that Farpoint game, that is so phenomenally cool with the gun controller, however guy, transferring round, oof, that made me nauseous.

“Then there’s the brand new one which [Adam] Orth worked on, Fireteam [sic Firewall: Zero Hour], and that one looks awesome! I really want to play, however, I’d be the fellow that asserts ‘guys, I gotta forestall, I’m getting sick.’”

After listening to that reaction, Jaffe shifts gears to talk about room-scale VR, since that’s an outstanding road to help reduce again on motion sickness.

“when you do it [room-scale VR] you in no way need to head returned, it’s f***ing brilliant,” Jaffe says. “VR has its hooks in me so deep and so splendidly, that if I may want to create the opportunity for myself to get back into video games with VR, I might be all over it, that’s how transformative it could be when you have a terrific VR enjoy. The dream was always allow’s make games in the holodeck, however, we’re no longer gonna live lengthy sufficient for that. Room-based totally VR at the least makes you experience like it’s the future of interactive leisure.”

After creating and running on a litany of Twisted steel-games, in addition to designing and directing the first God of war games, Jaffe moved on to his very own studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective company, which released interested in dying ultimate year, a free-to-play third-character area conflict/taking pictures recreation with a ambitious, hand-drawn aesthetic.

After discussing VR a chunk greater, Barlog asks Jaffe what type of VR sport he’d want to paintings on and, highly, Jaffe already has a totally precise vision.

“I would want to do a horror recreation,” Jaffe says. “I have a sport approximately, type of like whilst the levees broke in Katrina. I’d like to do a horror recreation based round, they’d all the coffins floating down the road. … I like the concept of doing a horror game that’s like scuba diving and you’re on a boat and it’s constantly raining, a form of like a supernatural version of Jaws set on this form of flooded New Orleans city. I’d want to do a little sort of horror sport based on that.”

close to the give up in their conversation, Jaffe sheds a few mild on why he’s so entranced with VR, especially VR horror because it all started out with Resident Evil 7, a recreation he played completely in VR.

“there has been a series in that sport [Resident Evil 7] wherein you’re out on the docks, the swamp, and there were no monsters around or anything like that,” Jaffe says. “And at that second, in that part, I just stated I’m gonna come out here, sit down on the dock, and be in that area. I’ll just listen to the f***ing frogs and watch the f***cking fireflies. that is one in every of my pinnacle ten sports reports of all-time, Resident Evil 7 on PSVR, it’s like I was there. To the point wherein I was saying I didn’t even want to go to a haunted residence this 12 months, this trumps that. … the instant you positioned the VR headset on, it blew my f***ing thoughts.”

if you have 20 minutes to spare, it’s a wonderful, insightful dialogue among prolific sports designers complete of captivating information. as long as you don’t mind the mature language, I’d fantastically advise listening to the complete thing or even thinking about sorting out his talk show when it airs.